Regulations and instructions for the registration of animals in the "flock book" of the    Welsh Mountain Sheep Society (Pedigree Section)

  • Application for registration in the flock book will only be taken from fully paid up members of the society
  • All members are required to register a prefix.
  • Every registered breeder must keep a Private Flock Book
  • Every sheep registered must be tagged in the ear whilst following it's dam.
  • All animals entered into the Flock Book must be tagged according to Society rules and must comply with current defra regulations.
  1. All animals must be registered using their official UK number
  2. The tag must carry both the UK flock number and the sheep's individual number.
  3. All sheep entered into the flock book can be tattooed in the left ear with the year of birth (see point 4) and with the flock of the breeder.
  4. The inclusion of year letter and flock letters on tags is at the discretion of the breeder. Where they are included they should follow the individual number.
  5. The initial letters used to indicate the year of birth are limited to 16 and are as follows: 2009 L, 2010 N, 2011 P, 2012 S, 2013 T, 2014 U, 2015 W, 2016 X, 2017 Z, 2018 A, 2019 C, 2020 D, 2021 F, 2022 H, 2023 J. 
  6. It is strongly recommended that some sort of secondary identification is employed so that an animal can be positively identified in the event of a UK tag being lost. An ear tattoo, management tag or scrapie bolus would be satisfactory.
  7. The flock prefix need not appear on the official ear tag
  • No breeder is entitled to register lambs bred by another flock, with his own prefix. All lambs must be registered by their breeder.
  • Both ewes & rams must be true to type to be eligible for entry into the Flock Book, and the offspring of a pedigree ram, and out of a pedigree ewe entered into the Society Flock Book.
  • Incase the Society at any future date discover any inaccuracy or fraudulent entry, they reserve the right to cancel such entry and expel the flock in question from the Flock Book.
  • No yearling or older sheep can be registered except by the express agreement of the society and on receipt of a £5 penalty fee.
  • All entries must be made on the societies forms and be accompanied by the necessary entry fees which are currently £5 for each ram, £1 for each ewe up to 20 in number and 50p thereafter.
  • For entry forms for the flock book please email to request them here.

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